The Escanaba Wrecking Crew

5 day hunts - Arrive on Monday evening, enjoy supper and hunt Tuesday through Saturday. Breakfast provided Sunday morning before departure. $1250

3 day hunts - Arrive on Wednesday evening, enjoy supper and hunt all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Breakfast provided Sunday morning before departure. $750

A $250 deposit is required to lock in your spot. The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is within 14 days of the start of your hunt. We will begin accepting deposits for the 2016-2017 season on June 1st.

Before the hunt you'll probably want to take a look at the 10 day forecast.

If you would like to reference a basic lunar calendar to aid in your planning, one is available HERE.

Hunting Dates Bunks Open Notes
2016 Oct 4 - Oct 8 CAMP IS FULL! Trad Gang Deer and Hog Hunt!
2016 Nov 1 - Nov 5 2 bunks open. Deer and hog hunt.
2016 Nov 29 - Dec 3 CAMP IS FULL! David's and Thom hunt deer and hogs.
2016 Dec 13 - Dec 17 CAMP IS FULL! John plus PBS combo deer and hog hunt.
2017 Jan 3 - Jan 7 CAMP IS FULL! Sears/Ellison hunt.
2017 Jan 17 - Jan 21 CAMP IS FULL! PBS members and NY Pork-Quest.
2017 Feb 14 - Feb 18 CAMP IS FULL! Fa Kow Ee Tribe!
2017 Feb 28 - Mar 4 CAMP IS FULL! Joe, Terry, John, and the Arma-Dillers.
2017 Mar 14 - Mar 18 CAMP IS FULL! Camp hAmbush!
2017 Mar 28 - Apr 1 CAMP IS FULL! Smalley and the Puerto Rican Outdoorsmen.
2017 Apr 11 - Apr 15 Only 1 bunk left! Iwaniuk/Dyer hunt hogs.
2017 Apr 25 - Apr 29 4 bunks open. Team Gordon hog hunt.

Please note the webmaster updates this page on a weekly basis,

please give a call to lock in your date!