The Tribe

5 day hunts - Arrive on Tuesday evening, enjoy supper and hunt Wednesday through Sunday. $1250

3 day hunts - Arrive on Thursday evening, enjoy supper and hunt Friday through Sunday. $750

On Sundays, hunters will be able to hunt until midday. This will leave time for tracking and butchering as needed.

A $100 deposit is required within 14 days of booking to lock in your spot. Before the hunt you'll probably want to take a look at the 10 day forecast.

Upcoming Hunts!

For the 2014/2015 season, the schedule has been set to every other weekend to ensure the hogs and the land are rested between hunts.

If you would like to reference a basic lunar calendar to aid in your planning, one is available HERE.

Dates Type Notes
2015 Mar 17 - Mar 22 3 or 5 day hunt The Fa Kow Ee Tribe! Camp is OVER full!
2015 Apr 14 - Apr 19 3 or 5 day hunt Camp h(A)mbush! Camp is FULL!
2015 May TBD 3 or 5 day hunt Date to lock when 4 hunters confirm.

Stories From Past Hunts

HERE is a nice story published in StickTalk (Michigan Longbow Association's magazine) about a fellow getting his first hog here last year.

Hunt Link
2014 Dec 4 - Dec 7 Trad Gang @ Wild Things!
2014 Oct 7 - Oct 12 Todd puts one in the freezer!
2014 Apr 2 - Apr 6 Camp (h)Ambush 2014 bags two!
2014 Mar 26 - Mar 30 Izzy takes home a hog!
2014 Mar 19 - Mar 23 Fa Kow Ee tribe returns to the swamp
2014 Mar 14 - Mar 16 A few Ohio guys experience Wild Things
2014 Feb 5 - Feb 9 Bartcanoe gets deep into hogs!
2013 Dec 6 - Dec 8 Trad Gang goes hog wild at Wild Things

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